Our History

The National Black MBA Association® was conceived in 1970 to help Blacks coming into the corporate sector, largely for the first time, share experiences and insights to help make the journey easier. By nurturing these new professionals, the organization helped early members navigate and, ultimately, succeed in unfamiliar and frequently challenging environments. It is those professionals who have risen and reached back to bring up the next generation of Black professionals through providing coaching, guidance and mentoring. This has carried through the decades as the members who have followed found the same sense of connection and camaraderie among their colleagues and have continued to reach back to uplift new generations. NBMBAA® has a deep and rich history of enriching the lives of Black youth and professionals that we continue to celebrate today. We want to acknowledge the achievements of the NBMBAA® and our members, give thanks to our donors, sponsors, and partners who have helped to build our path to excellence.

Our Members



  • Female (64%)
  • Male (36%)

Highest Degree Earned:

  • Masters (70%)
  • Bachelors (22%)
  • Other (7%)
  • PhD (1%)

Age Range:

  • 25-34 (39%)
  • 35-44 (32%)
  • 45-54 (13%)
  • Over 55 (8%)
  • Under 25 (8%)


Education & Career Exploration

Programs that increase the acceptance rates of our nbmbaas in undergraduate and graduate programs; and provide career opportunities/placements.

Leadership & Professional Development

Programs that help nbmbaas acquire the necessary skills and opportunities for career advancement.

Economic Prosperity

Programs that help our nbmbaas gain financial knowledge, independence, improved credit and capital opportunities.

Our Chapter

The Boston Chapter of the National Black MBA Association® leads in the creation of educational opportunities and economic growth for diverse professionals. We are committed to making an impactful and sustainable difference in the communities in which we work and serve through:

• Innovative programs that stimulate intellectual and economic growth
• Partnerships with key stakeholders who help facilitate this growth
• Increased awareness and access to graduate management programs and career opportunities in management fields
• Fostering the next generation of community and business leaders

The Boston Chapter of the National Black MBA Association® is a non-profit 501c(3) professional organization of diverse MBAs, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. We have a membership and network base of over 1000 persons that share a commitment to education and business — the two principal keys to the economic development of the Black community. Over the years, the chapter has raised and distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to advance its mission of strengthening the economic and intellectual wealth of the community. The organization supports every critical link of the success chain, from youth skill development and collegiate financial and intellectual support, to entrepreneurial assistance and the promotion of individual wealth accumulation. The organization represents Boston, Massachusetts and encompasses surrounding New England communities. Our membership has a varied array of professional experience, with degrees from the nation’s most prestigious Ivy League schools, historically black colleges and universities and a myriad of other institutions. Members and associates are employed as high-level directors, managers or seasoned professionals at hundreds of area companies and government organizations in the fields of finance, consulting, accounting, health care and many other professions. Our membership is comprised of Life Members, Full and Associate Members and Students. Our Members At A Glance*